Camp Quest UK: A “secular” Summer Camp

Un camp molto speciale e certo non per tutti. Per quanto, come si legge qui sotto, viene oggi evidenziato in positivo l’approccio scientifico e, come da sempre, non occorre sottoscrivere ad alcuna particolare fede o “filosofia” per partecipare, questo camp si propone come risposta ai vari camp organizzati da varie confessioni religiose cristiane (di solito non cattoliche) negli USA. Da tre anni è disponibile non solo negli USA ma anche in Gran Bretagna.

Nella descrizione dell’organizzazione si legge:

Camp Quest is designe for children from non religious families: atheists, agnostics, free thinkers, humanists and others with a naturalistic world view. We blend world class science and critical thinking with the traditional All american outdoor camp spirit.

Freethought Activities

What is Freethought? Broadly, it means cultivating curiosity, questioning and a certain disdain for just taking the word of authority; demanding evidence and knowing you can make your own observations even if they lead you to disagree. In terms of activities, these can run the gamut from science games to humanist “life skills” activities – but always fun! fun! fun! Each year, we develop a new curriculum set to match the camp theme with previous activities rotating back in after a few years. Some of our past activities have included:

  • Verbal Dodgeball – Dealing with people with different perspectives.
  • Labels and Potatoes – You’re an individual. What labels might you choose to use?
  • Paradigm Shift – Scientific process and what you can make out of new evidence.
  • Mazes – What can you do with half an eye?
  • Another’s Shoes – Imagine you’re someone else…what’s different?
  • What’s Random? – Can you find randomness? Or do you find patterns everywhere?
  • And More!

Description from Camp Quest UK Web site (you can visit it here)

Camp Quest UK is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation that runs a series of secular summer camps for children aged 9-16.

At our camps, children take part in a combination of challenging physical activities and stimulating mental activities.

2009 was our first year of camp, and we were the first Camp Quest to operate outside of North America. Since then, we have expanded to hold 3 camps across the UK, with a total capacity of 100 campers!

We aim to provide summer camping holidays and trips that focus on our children’s needs – physical and mental activity, and a lot of fun! As well as the more traditional outdoor activities – canoeing, climbing, zip wire, high ropes – our enthusiastic and knowledgeable counsellors will lead the children on a variety of activities which could concern anything from critical thinking and logical fallacies, to the scientific method and pseudoscience, philosophy, ethics, evolution and psychology!

Children at Camp Quest aren’t required to hold any particular worldview. We want to encourage children to think for themselves and to evaluate the world critically and thus draw their own conclusions. However, parents should be aware that we adopt a critical, scientific approach as opposed to a “faith-based” approach.

We believe that the positive influence of Camp Quest UK will help to develop children into happy, healthy and respectful adults.

Dates & Fees

Camp Quest Malvern: 29th July – 4th August 2012 (14 places remaining as of April 18th!)

  • Hosted at Malvern Hills Outdoor Centre
  • Places for ages 11-16
  • Maximum capacity is 36 campers
  • Price: £350

Camp Quest Kent: 18th – 22nd August 2012 (25 places remaining as of April 18th!)

  • Hosted at Arethusa Venture Centre near Rochester
  • Places for ages 9-14
  • Maximum capacity 36 campers
  • Price: £280

To book a place at camp, please fill out our secure online registration form. You will have the opportunity to pay by cheque or online by debit or credit card.

We do have some limited financial assistance available. To discuss options such as reduced prices or paying by instalments, please contact Dianna at:

Typical Day at Camp Quest West

Children are put into same-gender, similar age cabin groups and sleep in a bunk in a cabin. Normally there are 8 children and two adults in each cabin, although some cabin groups may be smaller. We also run some activities in teams which are mixed gender, mixed age teams. We feel it is important for children to have more than one “homing group” at camp so they have more opportunities to make friends. (Some children make their best friends in their cabin, others in their team).

Here’s a typical day. Schedules vary a bit during the week to accomodate special activities like the field trip.

7:00  Wake up bell
7:30  Breakfast Assembly
8:30  Cleanup
9:15  Team Games
10:15  Water Break
10:30  Freethought Activity
11:30  Lunch Assembly
12:30  Flat-on-Bunk Time
1:15  Elective
2:00  Water Break
2:15  Free Time (pool, archery, canoe, crafts, chill zone, lemonade stand, tech center open)
5:15  Dinner Assembly
6:15  Cabin Skit Planning/Practice
7:15  Freethought Activity
8:15  Evening Activity
9:30  In Cabins
10:00  Lights Out


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  1. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!


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