#Singapore #Schools: A worldwide best practice

Singapore is well known for one of the best school system in the world. Obviously each country has different historical, cultural and financial constraints and “models” cannot be always “transfered” fromm one place to another.

It is good to see how things work over there and see if at least some of the solutions that worked there could be transfered in our countries.

Singapore Fast Facts (from Edutopia)

  • When Singapore gained its independence in 1965, most of its population of two million people were unskilled and illiterate.
  • The government invested in education, and by the early 1970s, all children had access to lower secondary education.
  • In 2009, the first year Singapore participated in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) tests, its students placed near the top for all tested subjects: fifth for reading, second for mathematics, and fourth for science. 
  • Teaching is a highly respected and well-compensated profession in Singapore. All teachers are trained at the country’s National Institute of Education (NIE).
  • All new teachers are paired with experienced teachers for mentoring, and peer feedback is built into the schedule.
  • Teachers are entitled to 100 low or no-cost hours of professional development each year.
  • There are approximately 522,000 students attending about 350 schools in Singapore’s education system.
  • Class sizes are large, especially at the secondary level, averaging 36 students per class.

A short video (a little apologetic but interesting)


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