#edchat #education Best Practices: #Finland

Another international best practice in education: Finland

Finland Fast Facts

  • Only 3.8% of Finland’s population of 5.3 million is foreign-born, which makes for a relatively homogenous society in a small country.
  • Teachers in Finland are well-trained and highly respected, and recruited from the top 10% of graduates.
  • Because of the flexible national core curriculum that functions as a framework, Finnish teachers are able to design their own curriculum and choose their own textbooks.
  • Finnish schools are typically small in size, and the administrators share teaching responsibilities.
  • Finnish schools provide a broad array of services, including a hot meal for every student daily, health and dental care, and psychological guidance.
  • About 40% of students in Finnish secondary schools receive some kind of special intervention. School faculties include a “special teacher” who is assigned to identify student who need extra help and then provide it.
  • Upper secondary schools in Finland employ a modular structure that enables students to design their own learning programs based on their individual needs and interests.
  • Finland’s graduation rate for upper secondary students was 93% in 2008.
  • On the last three Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) tests (given in 2003, 2006, and 2009), Finland has scored either first or second out of all OECD countries for all three measures: scientific literacy, math literacy, and reading literacy. (Source: Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture)

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  1. Daniela Di Donato

    Chi fosse interessato ad un piccolo reportage sulla scuola finlandese puó andare sulla pagina wiki, creata per un progetto per il quale ho organizzato la formazione docenti. L’indirizzo è http://orientare valutare.wikispaces.com allo speciale Finlandia.


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