#edchat #Engage kids on actuality of Classics

In the previous post (in italian) I commented on a newspaper article announcing the “death of humanistic culture”. I argued that, if kids are today completely uninterested in it, it is substantially “our fault”, those who failed in showing them how looking back is key to get an orientation about what lies ahead and, especially, in making the past relevant by showing how it pervades our lives. In some cases, under a thing layer of skin, feelings, attidudes are exactly the same.

Let’s take as an example a popular song by Eamon. He is complaining and cursing his girlfriend for cheating on him.

It is impressive how it resonates not only Catullus general mood toward his girlfriend, but even some arguments are the same. I doubt this is a case of plagiarism. Simply over 2000 years between the two were not enough to change the way they felt about love and pride.


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