#hacking #education Experiences should be complementary not alternative to “traditional” learning

Watch this kid! He seems more mature and more articulate than most of his peers that we bump into.

Following an unconventional  pattern of education is a great way to expand one’s own horizon, foster our passions and find our way. This is good but, in my opinion, should not become too soon the exclusive learning approach. Kids should be exposed to as many issues, topics, tools as possible, exactly to enable them to eventually find their way. Focusing too early on “what they like” may prevent them from discovering “what they still don’t know they like”.

I strongly believe these experiences and approach should be a key part of a young person education IN ADDITION to the more “traditional” curriculum. There is plenty of time on weekends, during the holidays and even on an everyday basis to follow a parallel and complementary “hacked”curriculum.


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